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I Slept with My Wine Rep

Dear Good Somm Bad Somm,

I slept with a wine rep and did not get better pricing.  Why is that?

Sleeping With My Wine Rep

Good Somm

Dear Sleeping With My Wine Rep,

Sorry, I don't have the answer to that question.  But there are many more effective ways to negotiate better pricing rather than prostituting yourself.

It is not wise to mix business with pleasure (as certainly, you are) and what you did was unethical and unscrupulous. 

My suggestion is that you keep this as quiet as possible.  You wouldn't want to lose your job or damage your career.   This was a sleazy move on your part and I would suggest avoiding this wine rep until a different salesperson can be assigned to your account. 

Also, take a moment to examine your own character as your involvement with this wine rep reflects who you are as a person.  You may find you need Sex Addiction therapy and/or some form of drug and alcohol treatment.  Only you know for sure. 

Good Somm

Bad Somm

Dear Sleeping With My Wine Rep,

Hey Dummy!  Your wine rep didn't sleep with you so you could get better pricing, your wine rep slept with you so you would buy his or her wine!  How much more backward can you have it?

If I'm a bored old wine buyer, sitting around my dusty liquor store all day, cooling my ass on cardboard boxes, tasting wine with an endless revolving door of Sales Reps and Suppliers, giving you sips of their wine and showing you maps and talking about soil composition and biodynamic viticulture, life probably gets pretty boring.  But if one of those sales people finally comes in and offers to have sex with me!?  Hey, I'm gonna be very grateful!  In fact, I'm buying all that person's wine and I don't even care about the pricing!

Right?  I mean:  Who do you think did whom the favor here? 

I don't know what you look like, or what kind of shape you're in, but judging by your desperately misguided assumption, I'm guessing it was no easy task on your wine rep's part to strap on the beer-goggles and take one for the team.

So it is now your turn to repay the favor and buy a pallet of wine you don't really like, put in on your list, pour it by the glass, stack it on your end cap or whatever the case may be and stop complaining . 

Bad Somm

Thanks for the question!  Hope you found our answers helpful and enlightening.  It should give you the guiding light you need to navigate the dark and crooked roads of Food and Beverage politics.  

If you have questions about your career or your life in general, don't suffer in silence.  Reach out.  We're here to help.

Until next time:

Be Good!

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If you've read this far, it may already be to late.  

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