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Dear Good Somm Bad Somm,

I am a Black Sommelier.  I waited on a white guest last night and I couldn't help but suspect he didn't trust my wine suggestions.  Moments later he called over one of my white co-worker sommeliers and asked him for a recommendation!  Within moments there was a bottle of wine open on the table.  I can't help but wonder if the guy didn't trust my wine knowledge because I am black.  How can I combat this cultural bias?


Good Somm

Dear #BlackSommsMatter,

I understand your concern, friend.  I myself am a minority sommelier and all I can say is:  many people out there still have preconceptions about people of color (and women) in the wine profession.  Historically, Sommelier is a White European male dominated occupation, so we have to understand that some people still hold onto that stereotype.  

But thanks to Somms like you, that's changing every day!

We must continue to enrich, educate and invigorate ourselves in order to overcome any obstacle between us and the respect we desire from our clientes and our peers! 

Never ever let anyone discourage or define you.  You are a wine warrior!

In this lifetime, our differences only enrich us.  So let's celebrate our diversity and our profession! 

Good Somm

Bad Somm:

Dear #BlackSommsMatter,

Yo homey.  Never let a punk-ass, bitch-ass, white-devil dis you like that, dawg! 

Next time, whip out the blade on your wine key and slice his cracker-ass up good. 

Yours Truly,
Bad Somm

Thanks for your question! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!

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